Who needs or wants the help of a Daily Money Manager (DMM)?

  • Older adults who would like professional assistance to manage everyday financial matters, such as tracking and paying bills, balancing checkbooks, reconciling statements and reviewing bills for accuracy.
  • People with health issues or physical challenges that make managing paperwork difficult.
  • Widows or widowers transitioning to assume new responsibilities of managing everyday financial matters.
  • Family caregivers concerned about an older adult's ability to accurately and timely manage everyday financial matters and paperwork and who want to help lessen stress and frustration for their loved one.
  • Family caregivers concerned about the ability of the Senior in their life to spot elder scams, fraud or exploitation.
  • Service providers who have identified older adults who may appreciate assistance in everyday financial matters to prevent negative outcomes or simply decrease anxiety.
  • Professionals, such as accountants, executors, or trustees whose clients could use assistance in managing or executing everyday financial matters.



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