Trusted professionals passionate about providing support to older adults to maintain independence. We offer daily money management services and companionship for events in the arts.


We provide support to older adults to alleviate the frustrations that come with aging and help maintain independence. Diminishing eyesight, limited mobility, loss of a loved one, or memory loss can restrict an older adult's ability to manage daily finances and/or attend events in the arts. We provide two primary services to overcome these barriers:


  • Events in the Arts Companionship: attend events in the arts such as theater and orchestra performances, musicals, movies and museum exhibits.  Our goal is to enable older adults to continue to experience the joy and fulfillment of attending art events. We assist with the arrangements of ticket or reservations when needed and drive, and accompany clients to events and entertainment.
  • Daily Money Management: ensure timely payment of bills, checkbook balancing, and reconciling statements. Our goal is to relieve anxiety by assisting to organize and manage daily finances. We help prevent scams, fraud, and exploitation which target older adults. We want to avoid stress and provide peace of mind.


Our clients include:

  • Older adults who want to maintain their independence without burdening family or loved ones. 
  • Children and families of older adults who want help support their loved one to live independently.
  • Professionals and service providers who have identified older adults in need of daily money management or companionship for events in the arts.



Our Daily Money Management services reduce barriers and eliminate anxiety related to overwhelming paperwork and confusing bill statements.  We help older adults organize their daily finances (e.g. pay monthly bills, balance checkbooks, and reconcile bank statements) to create peace of mind. (read more)

As Companions to Events in the Arts, we accompany older adults to theater and orchestra performances, musicals, movies and museum exhibits.   We provide planning, ticket purchases, accompaniment and transportation if needed, to events which bring joy and fulfilment to one’s life. (read more)

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