We understand. Paperwork and bills can pile up fast. It is hard to know where to start and it is overwhelming. The fine print is hard to read. Maintaining your personal files and files with tax receipts requires time and organization.  We work with older adults to manage daily finances and stay on top of paperwork.


We unWe erstand one might prefer to do anything else but all of this. Yet, not doing all of this has its consequences.

We assist to:

  • Organize paperwork. Are un-deposited checks and bills getting lost in the pile of mail?  Do those bills go un-paid or paid late?  This could result in late fees, interest rate increases, dings on a credit report, accounts closed or services terminated. We help track checks and bills to ensure timely deposits and payment.


  • Reconcile statements. Are bank and credit card statements getting lost in the pile of mail?  Are statements reconciled monthly?  These statements display your deposits, withdrawals, credits, charges, and fees so you can check that they are correct.  We help reconcile your statements so you can ensure your statement balances are correct. 


  • Avoid fraud and scams. Are you checking the line items on your statement for unauthorized charges which could suggest identity theft or fraud?  Your bank and credit card statements may alert you to fraudulent purchases or fees. Discovering that your credit card has been compromised needs immediate action to reverse unauthorized charges. We help monitor for fraud and scams and immediately help you to work with your bank to have any questionable activity addressed and stopped.


  • Manage medical bills and receipts. Health insurance statements and receipts for medical services are often so complicated they look like invoices to be paid.  It is complicated to match EOB's and pending invoices.  Often it takes phone calls to providers and insurance companies so a payment is not duplicated. We help organize and read detailed health insurance paperwork and take the time to call the company with you to ask questions and clarify.


LR Services helps Seniors stay-on-top of everyday bills and statements that accumulate with daily mail.

Our daily money management services include:

  • Review and act upon daily mail.  ‘File don’t Pile’.
  • Pay bills on a timely basis. (manually, electronically, or automatically)
  • Balance checkbooks.
  • Reconcile bank and credit card statements.
  • Review bank and credit card statements for accuracy to prevent fraud.
  • Identify and resolve billing errors. 
  • Review insurance forms and corresponding invoices to assure accuracy.
  • Advocate on behalf of older adults with service providers and vendors.
  • Organize tax documents and receipts.
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